natural skin care

A common plague of women and men alike, whether they be pre-pubscent, post-natal, or otherwise is that of acne. Acne and other unpleasant skin conditions are common and easily overlooked as "normal". For those who want treatment for their skin, the options are slim and usually very damaging to the body. Rather than taking acutane, … Continue reading natural skin care

how to make a healing herbal infusion

One of the first "roadblocks" beginners in herbal medicine face is not knowing how to prepare them simply. Most people understand how to make a simple tea, however, if you're anything like me I am often impatient waiting for the water to cool off enough to drink it or want more than just a small … Continue reading how to make a healing herbal infusion

my favorite herbs & why

As I have enjoyed my studies into herbalism, I have come to grow very fond of several herbs as I've experimented with them on myself and seen their medicinal effect on others! It's hard to say I have any "favorite" herbs, since as a crazy plant lady it's fair to say ALL herbs are my … Continue reading my favorite herbs & why

homemade elderberry syrup

Elderberry syrup is my FAVORITE natural remedy for a cold, cough or flu. I have used it for quite some time for my family, and it works wonders for my husband, myself and my toddler (it was great when he was a baby, too). Elderberries are naturally high in vitamins A, B, & C... Which … Continue reading homemade elderberry syrup

why I cloth diaper

WHY on EARTH would someone cloth diaper?? The very question I get regularly and that I even asked myself in the first weeks with my first child. I have many people remark "I could just never do that", "I don't want to touch poop", "it seems so gross", or "I don't have time". All very … Continue reading why I cloth diaper

homemade bone broth & bone broth benefits

BONE BROTH.... has become one of my absolute favorite natural remedies for gut healing and healthy digestion. I'm going to share what the benefits of bone broth are, as well as my favorite homemade recipe. What is Bone Broth? Bone broth is a broth made from the marrow, tendons, fat, ligaments and basically all bone … Continue reading homemade bone broth & bone broth benefits

a natural “flu shot” & staying healthy during flu season

It's that time - flu season! Luckily, there is a natural way to help boost your immune system and prevent yourself from catching the flu! If you've already caught the flu - there is also a natural way of getting through it quickly without much damage. You might be wondering - what about the flu … Continue reading a natural “flu shot” & staying healthy during flu season

garlic oil – natures antibiotic

It's not secret that garlic is one of ages oldest and most reliable natural remedies. It is anti-microbial and anti-viral, making it natures greatest "antibiotic". It is able to kill viruses, bad bacteria and infection without destroying your bodys healthy flora. In the mid 1300's when England was hit with the Plague, those who skimmed … Continue reading garlic oil – natures antibiotic