Services / Pricing

New client consultation – $75

In this visit we will go over your full health history. I want to make sure you have time to be listened to and we can create a full health plan for your specific needs. Here I will make nutrition and herb recommendations for your unique situation. We will discuss methods to support your physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual self. Holistic = “whole body”. I provide you with many free resources including my book, meal ideas, shopping list, access to my google drive full of help and information on the healing process, and more. My goal is to teach you how to heal yourself naturally. (1.5 hours)

Subsequent visits – 1 hour $50 / 30 min $25

These are follow up visits where we will check in on your process. I can help give you support, resources, and direction for the next steps.

Well Child Visits – $15 – $30

Babies and children are subject to acute illnesses, viruses, bacterial infections, trouble with eating, trouble sleeping, emotional/focusing issues, breastfeeding problems, low energy (or too high!), nutritional deficiencies and more. Herbs are safe and effective ways to treat these occurrences without any side effects or chemicals being put into their bodies. Bring your babes to help them get over a cold/flu, get to sleep, soothe teething, focus better in school, and anything else they need. They don’t need to pay a new patient fee unless it’s a chronic illness.

Pregnancy & Post-Natal Care – $25 – $50

Using herbs during pregnancy is a SAFE and marvelous way to ensure a healthy pregnancy, baby, smooth birth, and better post-partum healing. They are very effective in helping prepare the body for birth (especially if planning a natural birth), as well as curb the symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness, aches/pains, infections, hormone imbalances, and more. You can continue healing your body post-partum with herbs and nutritional counseling to help restore your health and stamina.

Month to Month Consulting – $200

Best for people with chronic health problems. Month to month consultations include 4 visits per month (1/week), open text and email communication, and access to discounts on herbs. This allows you to get more face time at a more affordable price. $200/month, subject to change depending on the needs of the individual.

** Visits are located in my home in Lehi, UT. I can travel and do in-home visits for a small fee (limited hours), within Utah County. Skype/FaceTime appointments also available.

To get more background on why I do what I do, and how I got there… check out my ABOUT ME section

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