Intuitive and holistic healing

Use mother earths gifts of herbs and nutrition to connect to your mind, body and spirit.

About Me

Desert Flower Wellness

a holistic & alternative health service

About Desert Flower Wellness

kyra and her sons, shilo & arlo

Hi! My name is Kyra Hermann, the face behind Desert Flower Wellness, LLC. I am a Certified Family Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist and all around natural juju plant lady! My most important role is as a mama to my 2 boy babes. My passion for holistic health derives from my own personal experiences. I struggled with health problems for most of my life, unable to find answers in doctor’s offices. My health hit an all time low after the birth of my first son, leaving me with multiple auto-immune diseases and failure to thrive. I thought I’d never see the light. I decided to take my health into my own hands and used my limited understanding (at the time) of herbs and nutrition and was able to put my auto-immune diseases into remission. After seeing the huge improvements in my body after connecting to mother earth’s medicine, I decided to attend The School of Natural Healing to become an Herbalist and Nutritionist. I’m still healing every day, because it’s a journey. But, I finally found health, light, and relief. Because of that I am passionate about helping others to find the same joy that I have, and the relief that comes from natural healing. I believe our bodies can and do heal themselves. WE heal ourselves, no one else can do it for us. My goal is to help you to learn to heal yourself. Healing is a holistic experience that requires mind, body, and spirit in harmony and balance.

My inspiration for the name “Desert Flower Wellness” comes from the beautiful journey of a desert flower. It is after the longest “rain pours” that the desert flower blooms large and brightly. It’s our dark and “rainy” times that shapes our greatest growth. On the other side of our health crisis is growth and healing – we just have to know how to get there. I hope you’ll join with me in this journey of health. I’d love to be your guide!

Learn more about my services, HERE

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