A holistic approach to healing

Over 60% of people are coping with chronic diseases each day… Ranging from autoimmune conditions, chronic pain/inflammation, mental health problems like anxiety and depression, cancer, diabetes, weight problems, IBS and other digestive issues, fatigue, and more. Under the current western medical model, finding healing from chronic illnesses is near impossible.

With a holistic approach we look at the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. I seek to get to the root cause of disease, which means that instead of putting a bandaid on symptoms, we work together to find what is causing disease… and from there we can work on healing it.


Herbs are mother earths greatest gift for healing. They are true medicine… There is one or more herbs to support almost any ailment in the body. Herbs are a powerful, safe, and effective way to strengthen the body without side effects. They are easy, inexpensive, and safe for the whole family. I help you select the right herbs to support your healing process and give you a personalized protocol.

As an Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist, my primary modality for approaching healing is using food and herbs as medicine. When we consume the right foods, they have a medicinal and healing effect on the body… Understanding what foods to consume and having a plan on how to do so is an important part to seeing results.


Healing must occur in the WHOLE body. Holistic = whole. Because of that, I strongly believe in the importance of emotional and spiritual healing along with the physical. I provide tools to help you be empowered to overcome emotional trauma, negative emotions, false beliefs about yourself, and other things that hold you back. Each appointment includes a holistic approach to emotional counseling and a safe space to open up to the etherial aspect to disease. Often times the root cause of physical disease is actually emotional/spiritual. We work together to create a mindfulness practice that is right for you!


No one can heal you – you can only heal yourself! My main agenda is to help give you the tools and model to learn to connect to your intuition, utilize natural remedies, find healthy coping mechanisms, and ultimately heal yourself. I don’t do any work for you, except share what knowledge I have and give you my support as you go through your own healing process. No one person is the same, just as there is no one right protocol or approach for everyone. Because of this, we work together to find the right solutions and approach for your personal situation. Some people only need one visit and others prefer a more long term relationship, which is why I offer a lot of different types of support depending on your needs.


I accept clients in my home in Lehi, UT USA or I accept skype, video chat, and phone calls. To see a full list of the services I offer, please visit my SERVICES PAGE.

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